Andrea Bailey looks at the top 5 reasons you should consider a visit to The Residence, Maldives

THE ATOLLS: The Maldives is a country known for its blue-green atolls, white sandy beaches and coral filled reefs. However, what sets the island of Falhumaafushi apart is the fact that it is located on one of the largest and deepest atolls in the world, the Gaafu Alifu Atoll. The biodiversity of marine life here is rich and the healthy coral flourishes due to the depth of the atolls.


Underwater images courtesy of Ms Lynnette Chang


THE SPA BY CLARINS: My experience of the Signature Massage at the Spa by Clarins was bliss. I loved the location as it was away from the island connected by a jetty and with views of the Indian Ocean. I was asked to select one from an array of natural massage oils and then proceeded to have a very relaxing massage by a skilled masseuse. Once done, I made my way to the couch on the porch to relax and gaze across the blue waters.


THE FALHUMAA: One of the top recommendations while at this resort is to make a reservation for dinner at The Falhumaa. The restaurant is inspired by a local legend of a spice merchant and a mermaid and this is a place you can sample Maldivian cuisine at its best. And if you would like to learn Maldivian cuisine, the Falhumaa organises culinary classes for adults every week.


THE STAFF & THE SERVICE: From the moment you step onto the arrival jetty till the moment you leave the jetty waving goodbye to the hospitality team, you will always be greeted with warm smiles. And this is true of anywhere you go around the resort, and whoever you meet among the various teams working there.


 THE VILLAS: This resort boasts beach and water villas that offer the best views of sunrises and sunsets over the horizon. For the ultimate in luxury, I would recommend the pool villas with the plunge pools overlooking the ocean.

Andrea Bailey

Andrea Bailey

Andrea Bailey is a Dubai based travel writer. She is also a travel consultant with Travel Counsellors and specializes in cruises, family holidays and honey moons. When she’s not out and about discovering destinations and different cuisines of the world, you would probably find her busy with her 3 daughters and her other passions involving art and music.

As a mosaic artist, she has travelled to Italy and studied ancient Roman techniques of the art form and as a jazz flautist she has had the opportunity of performing across various Dubai venues.