Andrea Bailey takes us on a journey to NORWAY, Land of the Midnight Sun and a country that is known for its stunning natural beauty

You have probably heard that Norway is famous for its Viking history, trolls and the beautiful fjords. There’s a lot more to this country – these are my recommendations.

Norway has midnight sun from May through to July where the sun never completely sets below the horizon in north Arctic regions of the country and they have about 20 hours of sunlight a day.

The winters from November to April are cold with daylight from 10am to 2pm and complete darkness thereafter. During this time, temperatures dip to well below freezing point.

If you have also probably heard that Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world to visit – it may well be true.

But don’t let this stop you from visiting one of the best Nordic countries in the world!

What you would see in Stavanger:

STAVANGER: Fjords and islands provide a dramatic backdrop to Stavanger and the locals make use of the neighboring areas for leisure and recreation. Stavanger is the hub of the oil, gas and energy industry. It is one of Norway’s larger cities with over 127,000 inhabitants.

JERNALDERGARDEN IRON AGE FARMSTEAD: If you’re keen on history, get going to this farmstead!

Located just two miles from central Stavanger, the farmstead recreates today how Vikings lived in the area around 350-550 BC —with longhouses and burial mounds—based on excavations conducted by the Museum of Archaeology.

REIKESTOLEN (PULPIT ROCK) – One of the most famous natural attractions in the region is the very impressive cliff Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock), which towers 604 metres over the Lysefjord. You could cruise along the fjord or venture up to the top of Pulpit Rock.

TOP TIP: Each way is approx. 2hours trek so carry plenty of water, snacks and wear comfortable shoes with good grip.

GEIRANGER: The fjords around Geiranger were an inspiration for Disney’s FROZEN magical country of Arendelle. Geiranger was my favourite stop in Norway. The little town shuts completely for the winter season so it’s best to visit between April to October.

  • WATERFALLS: Take the fjord cruise as that is the best way to see the Seven Sisters Waterfalls along the fjord. Legend is that they play and flirt with the Suitor Waterfall across the fjord.
  • Trollstigen: Trollstigen is part of the National Tourist Route Trollstigen – Geiranger, a two-hour drive with spectacular views and sights that runs all the way from Trollstigen to the bottom of the famous Geirangerfjorden.

Trollstigen is Norway’s most visited tourist road.

The road normally opens at the end of May and closes by October / November.

Nærøyfjord – Inspiration for the makers of Disney-phenomenon Frozen’s magical country of

Just decades ago there hardly existed roads in these parts – where 2000-metre mountains tower over deep valleys and narrow fjords, all were carved out during the ice ages.

Discover tiny farms and cottages clinging to the mountainsides!

Gastronomy: Try the BRASSERIE POSTEN that is recommended for the burgers and fresh seafood.

Did you know?: The troll plays a significant part in Norwegian and Scandinavian folklore. It is an ugly, nasty creature that lives in caves or forests and will turn to stone if sunlight touches them.

There are even a few areas in Norway that have been named after the troll.


OSLO – the capital and largest city of Norway. Oslo is located on the end of the 62-mile Oslofjord which has over 40 islands.

What you would see in Oslo:

  • The Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park is filled with 212 bronze and granite sculptures designed by Gustav Vigeland and is Oslo’s most visited attraction.
  • OSLO OPERA HOUSE – Oslo’s Opera House is a landmark of the city. Its floor space covers the equivalent of four football pitches and it has attracted more than 10 million visitors since it opened. You can even walk on the roof
  • OSLO CITY HALL – The Nobel Peace Prize is presented every year on 10 December in Oslo

Gastronomy in Oslo: Take time to visit MAAAEMO where all the food is prepared from organic and natural ingredients. Taste the very best meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, berries and herbs from Norwegian food producers.

Or try RESTAURANT KONTRAST: This modern, one Michelin star Nordic restaurant at Vulkan comes with a gourmet kitchen that creates new dishes every day based on the best organic ingredients available.

Andrea Bailey

Andrea Bailey

Andrea Bailey is a Dubai based travel writer. She is also a travel consultant with Travel Counsellors and specializes in cruises, family holidays and honey moons. When she’s not out and about discovering destinations and different cuisines of the world, you would probably find her busy with her 3 daughters and her other passions involving art and music.

As a mosaic artist, she has travelled to Italy and studied ancient Roman techniques of the art form and as a jazz flautist she has had the opportunity of performing across various Dubai venues.