Where are you taking us this week?

Eid will be here in a few weeks so I thought we would look at Eid getaways that are 4 hours away from the UAE. So we look at Jordan and the Maldives this week.


Jordan is only 4 hours from the UAE and a great choice for an active holiday with the children.

Famous movies that have been filmed there – The Ten Commandments, Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, Lawrence of Arabia and more recently – The Martian.

Why will kids love it?

A large open air museum that showcases life in ancient times in Petra, swim in the Dead Sea, and sleep under the stars in Wadi Rum.


It was made famous by the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Petra Treasury was featured in the adventure movie and is Petra’s most well-known building.

The rock city was created and thrived as a trade route and the natives lived in the caves cut out from the pink rocks. The night time walk to the Treasury is a lovely experience with the candle lit pathway and the concert at the door of the Treasury building.


This sprawling desert with rocks has an allure no one can explain. The howling winds that pass through Wadi Rum only add to its mystery.

The local Bedouins host visitors and chat with them over cups of tea explaining how famous movies were filmed here in the past. Vast, sweeping landscapes of this Jordanian desert lends itself to be filmed.

Outdoor scenes of Matt Damon’s The Martian were filmed at The Valley of The Moon and were chosen due to its reddish hues that are similar to the look on Mars. Transformers and Lawrence of Arabia are some of the other movies filmed here.

MUST DO – Overnight stay under the stars in a Bedouin camp.


It is the lowest point on Earth at 400m below sea level, the hyper saline water makes floating ‘dead’ easy.

Also therapeutic in nature is the mineral rich mud found there – and mud therapy is recommended.

Capital of Jordan and the most populous city in Jordan.

Historic sights: The Citadel, Jerash – have Roman ruins and are quite interesting for older children to visit. At Jerash, a cast of actors put on a show displaying a Roman fight.

Souqs: Rich in local artefacts and gold, clothes and traditional jewellery.

Children’s Museum: An interactive museum for children in the capital city is highly recommended.

What’s the ideal ages to take your kids here?

I would say minimum 3 years as there is a fair bit of walking especially in Petra.

How long are we ideally going for?

You would require at least 5 days in Jordan.

What should you not forget to pack for the kids on this trip?

Jordan is a road trip destination so you would require activities for kids in the car. Binoculars to spot local wildlife.

How much money should you look to budget per day to spend on the kids on this trip?

Approx. AED 150 per day.

What will the kids learn from a trip to Jordan:

Definitely history in Jerash and Petra, swimming in the Dead Sea.

If there are babysitting services what might mum and dad want to sneak off and do one night?

Movenpick hotels offer baby sitting services for 3 and under for approx. 20JD per hour.

How much would it cost for a family of 4 to take this trip, for 1 week including flights, accommodation and spending money each day?

Starting packages for 5 nights in Jordan including flights, accommodation, transfers and tours – AED 19,500 approx.

Recommended stays:

Movenpick – for their family program with discounted rates on the rooms, Baby essentials such as strollers, bathroom seats and tubs for infants, fun and healthy meals from the Power Bites menu.

How to get there:

Royal Jordanian, Emirates, FlyDubai all fly direct to Amman.


Maldives is a favourite relaxing holiday destination – also recommended for Eid break.

Why will kids love it?

Beaches and water, swimming pools and water sports.

What’s the best ages to take your kids here?

Any age.

How long are we ideally going for?

Minimum 4 nights is recommended.

What should you not forget to pack for the kids on this trip?

Definitely swimsuits, sunscreen and hats.

How much money should you look to budget per day to spend on the kids on this trip?

Approx. AED 120 per day

 What will the kids learn from a trip to the Maldives 

  • 26 natural atolls and 1190 islands, a lot of which are uninhabited.
  • Local language spoken is Dhivehi with a high rate of literacy
  • Islands are encircled by lagoons and reefs
  • Lowest country in the world.
  • Highest point is actually on the Villingili Island at 2.3 metres, where the Shangri La Villingilli is located.
  • Gaafu Alifu Atoll where The Residence Maldives is located is one of the largest and deepest atolls in the world.
  • The Maldives are 99% water and 1% land and home to a diverse marine life.
  • Swimming with local wildlife, learning about endangered species and ways to protect them.
  • Culinary classes arranged by the chefs.

Where to stay clear of in this place with the kids –

Water villas if you have very small children. Many resorts do allow children on over water villas but it’s at your own risk.

If there are babysitting services –

Very easy to find baby sitting services for a charge. And Kids clubs are very child friendly…

How much would it cost

for a family of 4 to take this trip, for 1 week including flights, accommodation and spending money each day?

The Residence Maldives – Special promotions on till 31st May for travel until end October 2017. Domestic transfers in Maldives are offered complimentary.

Family packages starting from AED 18,000 for a family of 4.

How to get there:

FlyDubai, Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways.

Best time to go:

It’s tropical weather in the islands which means sun, humidity and rain as well. It’s a year round destination for travellers.

  • Monsoon is during July and August but these are mostly passing showers.
  • Winter months from December to April are high season for travellers
  • Summer months from May to November are good for water sports


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Andrea Bailey

Andrea Bailey

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