If you have only a day to explore Sofia, here are some suggestions on what you could do around the city.

Take a tour around Sofia with Private Guide Bulgaria: Whether it is a communist Sofia tour or a two-hour walking tour, Adriana of Private Guide Bulgaria will sort it out for you. The walking tour gives an interesting perspective of Sofia’s history that includes Ottoman, Roman and Communist occupation.

Get some great memories around beautiful monuments like the Russian Church, the Cathedral or the National Theatre.

 Boyana Church: Visit the church that’s on the outskirts of Sofia at the foothills of Vitosha mountains.

Explore the Vitoshka Pedestrian area: Easily one of the most interesting areas of Sofia, the cobblestoned paths are lined with uber cafes, souvenir shops and trendy stores.

Try Bulgarian food: Visit local restaurants like Pod Lipite or Hadjidraganovite Kashti to taste local dishes like Shopska Salad, Tarator (cold soup with yogurt) that can be ordered in a glass or bowl, Kyufteh and Kebabche (grilled meats) and Sireneh (white cheese).

 Hike in the Vitosha mountains: In the summer, Vitosha mountains near Sofia are perfect for hikes and treks. Get those hiking boots on and take to the mountains for some clean, fresh mountain air and a great view of Sofia from the peaks.

Melnik: Bulgaria’s smallest town is surrounded by sandstone mountains and makes for a picturesque day trip..

Andrea Bailey

Andrea Bailey

Andrea Bailey is a Dubai based travel writer. She is also a travel consultant with Travel Counsellors and specializes in cruises, family holidays and honey moons. When she’s not out and about discovering destinations and different cuisines of the world, you would probably find her busy with her 3 daughters and her other passions involving art and music.

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