One of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. Plenty of beautiful bridges, castles and cobblestone paths make up this gorgeous city.

Some of the iconic spots around Prague:

Charles Bridge – It is said that everyone must walk this bridge at least once in their life. One of the legends says Charles IV ordered eggs to be used in the construction so that the stones would stick together better.

All the towns and villages around Prague had to bring eggs to the construction site. But one village got it wrong, Velvary, bringing a whole wagon full of hard boiled eggs!!!


The Dancing House: One little architectural wonder from a long time ago is the Dancing House, standing alongside the Vltava River. It was built to fill a hole caused by an accidental U.S. bombing in 1945.

The House was supposed to be named Fred and Ginger, after the famous dancing couple who inspired the shape of the structure. But instead it’s called the Dancing House and on a closer look, you can tell which part of the house is Ginger and which part is Fred.


Království Železnic (The Kingdom of Railways): Inside a big hall there are hundreds of yards of railway tracks stretching across models of the entire Czech Republic!!

The model is very detailed – many trains and cars give way to each other at intersections and traffic lights, day and night changes every few minutes, people are walking their dogs, waiting for their train connections etc.


The drawback to this sight is its location. It can be found in the middle of an office and shopping complex area although it’s very close to the metro.

Aquapalace waterland and park walk in Průhonice:

You can easily spend half a day in an Aquapalace Praha right outside of Prague. Kids will enjoy the slides, and if you want to also see something nice in the area, you can walk around the Park and Castle in Průhonice, close to the Aquapalace.

It’s popular with Czech families on weekends and so there are a few family friendly restaurants nearby. Try the Sokolovna restaurant or Babiččina zahrada (Grandma’s Garden).

Planes, Trains and Motorbikes in National Technical Museum

If your children like technology, transportation and science, the National Technical Museum might be the best place for them.


It’s situated next to Letná Park, so you can take in some great views of Prague later.

Escape room

If puzzles are what you seek, try the Escape Rooms. Some even have a Prague theme – there is one about the Astronomical Clock in the ClockRoom and another about the Alchymist in MindMaze.

The Legend of Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square

Built over 600 years ago, the clock goes off every hour when the little windows on top of the clock open, the skeleton starts ringing a bell and twelve apostles walk by the windows.

The Legend of the Clock – Mr Hanus who created it was blinded by the city councilors in a bid to stop him creating another masterpiece for other European cities…

 Rent a paddle boat on the Vltava River and see Prague from the water

Nothing better on a summer’s day than to paddle around on the Vltava River by the Charles Bridge.

Rent a four-person paddle boat for approx. €8. Views include Střelecký Island, great views of the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle.

FOOD FOR CHILDREN TO TRY OUT – Here are some favourites that your children could try out J

Smažák (Deep Fried Cheese) – Every traditional restaurant serves smažák and a typical smažák is Czech Edam cheese smazak_tatarka_hranolky-ocovered with breadcrumbs and deep fried.

This is normally served with potatoes or French fries and tartar sauce (similar to mayonnaise).

Recommended – try this dish at Lokál and have smažák with tartar sauce.


Kuřecí Řízek (Chicken Schnitzel) – Kuřecí řízek is quite popular with kids. It’s fried chicken breast instead of minced meat.

Best place to try it – Potrefena Husa restaurants near the city centre.

Ovocné Knedlíky (Fruit filled Sweet Dumplings) –Looks like dessert but it’s eaten as a main course. Fruit or berry filled dumplings with sugar sprinkled on top!

Recommended to try it at: Café Savoy

 The popular Trdelnik – cinnamon flavoured pastries on a stick with sugar..this is actually a Slovakian snack.


0Párek v rohlíku (Czech hot dog) – A sausage is stuffed into a bread roll hollowed out and filled with ketchup and mustard. Best place to try it – Prague City Centre…look for a sign ‘Parek v rohliku’

Chlebicky – open sandwiches that are favourites as party food – mostly with potato salad, egg, cheese.






Dress well and warm: If you’re travelling in winter to see the Christmas markets of Prague, make sure you’re dressed for it and that your children are also appropriately dressed. It is one of the most magical times of the year to go to Prague.





Depends on what you want to see – Christmas Markets from November end onwards. Spring, Summer and Autumn are great times to go as well

GETTING THERE: Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways.

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Andrea Bailey

Andrea Bailey

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