We go to Armenia this week, the capital city of Yerevan to be specific.

Why will kids love it?

Playing in the snow in winter, local markets and great food for eg. Kavkazskaya Plennitsa – Restaurant based on old soviet movie with staff dressed as actors from the movie.

What’s the ideal ages to take your kids here?

I would say the best ages would be from 3 years old.

 How long are we going for?

Ideally your stay should be between 3-5 nights. This should maybe 3 nights in Yerevan and 1 night in the mountains.


Top 10 Things to do with the kids that you might not already know about

Yerevan State Puppet TheatreYou can watch students of the University of Theatre and Cinema displaying their best form at Yerevan’s Puppet Theatre. More information can be obtained at (www.armpuppet.am)

Cascade – A giant stairway of 572 steps is one of the Soviet era legacies. It connects the Monument neighbourhood with downtown. When you reach the base of the stairs, there’s a little park with sculptures and lined on either side with restaurants.

Yerevan’s Children Railway – a park in a canyon with colourful trains – that you can take the children to. It’s not in top working condition but is unique as it’s a reminiscent of the Soviet era.

Unusual museums: The Geology Museum exhibits different types of stones and has a mammoth skeleton as well! The Woodcraft Museum is also interesting – displaying unusual wooden handicrafts.

Tsakhkadzor ski resort – Open to visitors for a small charge, you can take the ski lift up the mountain to the top. It’s a fun ride and there’s a restaurant where you can enjoy a mug of hot chocolate.

Yerevan’s market – A large indoor market where you will find fresh vegetables, fruits, chickens, live fish in large fish tanks and local delicacies such as SUJJO, a long string of dried nuts and grapes that can be cut into smaller pieces.

Khor virap – where Saint Gregory was imprisoned for 13 years – the birthplace of Christianity in Armenia.

Noravank monastery – a church built in the 12th and 13th century – has the steps on the sides to enter the higher level.

Tatev monastery – you would need to stay overnight

Lake Sevan – second largest fresh water lake in the world

What should you not forget to pack for the kids on this trip?

Spring/ Summer: Factor 50 suncream

Autum/Winter: Winter wear as you can ski in the mountains outside Yerevan.

Flydubai flights: No TV on the 4 hour flight so bring along your own entertainment –iPads, books, games, toys, activity books, snacks.

How much money should you look to budget per day to spend on the kids on this trip?

With shopping, tours, visits and food I would budget around AED 100-120 per day approx.

What will the kids learn from a trip to Armenia?

Former Soviet occupation and the history of Armenia is very interesting. The churches and monasteries were built in very interesting locations. History, map reading, language, culinary skills, to swim better etc. 

Where to stay clear of in this place with the kids?

In general you feel quite safe and the people are friendly but I wouldn’t let the children out of my sight if they are younger than 15 or so.

Babysitting services?

The city hotels don’t offer babysitting services but restaurants are accommodating and child friendly.

How much would it cost for a family of 4 to take this trip?

Currency: Armenian DRAM…1 AED = 125 A.Dram approx.

Family of 4 for 3 nights, 4 days– with flights, accommodation, food and 2 full day tours…I would say approximately AED 8,000

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Andrea Bailey

Andrea Bailey

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